25 juin 2008

Too many ghosts

There are too many ghosts in this world.
Ghosts which could just have been


Photo : Muslim women in Indonesia. DR.

24 juin 2008

The light is shinning through

" The light is shinning through like never before". That's part of Hillary Clinton's current message, on her campaign site, Hillaryclinton.com. The purpose is to emphasyze the historical importance of her candidacy and to call for contributions to erase Hillary's huge campaign's debt.

So, in this positive video, the cosy and peaceful atmosphere is back. Yellow roses are blooming, and, yes, the light is really "shinning through" the curtain.

8 juin 2008

Hillary in full light

When she officially got into the presidential race, in her "I'm in" video, Hillary Clinton was filmed in a rassuring middle-class background, with family pictures and the soft glow of a lamp. A modern woman adressing her audience in an intimate way.

When Hillary quit last week, thanking her supporters for all they did for her, it was in plain articicial light. A harsh lighting for a bitter fact. An hastily recorded message, and who cared about the furniture ? The wide pannel windows opening on a brilliant future had been replaced with a sad curtain. Like the one on a stage at the end of the play.

Hillary's lamp is no more on.

6 juin 2008

Angel call

These flowers

I put on your tomb
where some call
to the womb
which bore you someday
and gave you way to this strange
summer light.

These flowers
on your tomb,
frozen by the winter wind,
are just a powerless gift,
a futile call to your departed

I don't believe you ever were an angel,
nor that you need to become

Thierry Follain

A Home Made production