25 mai 2008

Women of War

" Women...

Either they contribute to victory
or they botch it with their careless talks...

You never know. "

" Are they in love with you ?

Do they cheat on you ? "

" You're never sure,

you never know. "

24 mai 2008

Wet dream : le sado-masochisme coule à flots !

If it's not a male-oriented fantasy,
I don't know what it is ! (smile)

17 mai 2008

Madonna's pussy - Le minou de Madonna

Madonna with a cat,

Madonna as a cat.

A seen by Martin H. Schreiber,
in 1979, when she was still
Madonna Louise Ciccone.

Hail, Debbie !

Debbie Harry at the premiere of Squeezebox!, 2008. The ex-Blondie singer-leader made her own career, particularly at The Squeezebox Club, a gay/punk rock place with promiscuous sexual and stimulating practices. In the Squeezebox! movie, bye Steven Saporito and Zach Shaffer, Ms. Harry plays herself.

Long life, Debbie !

See Debbie in a TV performance of "Call me" , in 1981. On my Hitherto73 YouTube Channel.

Photo : David Shankbone

Silk and satin

Come, let me sing into your ear
Those dancing days are gone,
All that silk and satin gear...


16 mai 2008



11 mai 2008

Vachement cool

Life is better with an active milkmaid.

C'est ce qui s'appelle prendre en traite.

10 mai 2008

Nourritures terrestres, nourritures célestes

La beauté ne peut être possédée qu'un instant fugace,
telle une eau vive, claire, rafraîchissante
que l'on emprisonne maladroitement dans ses mains.

Comme le dit ce proverbe sicilien
cité par Sciascia :
"Elle se boit comme un verre d'eau".